Marian Central Catholic High School E-Learning Day Procedures

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If Marian Central Administration determines that there is a need to close the school due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, staff and families will be notified that an E-Learning Day will be implemented by the usual phone blasts and email notifications. Students are responsible to check each course’s webpage by 9:00 am, complete an assignment, and submit online as per the teacher’s instruction, including but not limited to Google Classroom, OneNote, or Teams.  All work is to be submitted no later than 4:00 pm of the same day. The submission of the assignment serves as evidence of student attendance. All classes are required to post assignments. A typical assignment will be one that a student would be able to reasonably complete using online resources, unless the teacher had specifically told the students to take their workbook/textbook home with them the day before. Teachers will use their preferred electronic assignment collection tool to post class content and homework before 9:00 am of the announced E-Learning Day. Teachers will also provide designated “office hours” in which students will be able to obtain help, answer questions, etc. during the E-Learning Day.

If circumstances occur which prevent the student from logging in on the announced E-Learning Day (ie: power outage), a parent will need to call the Marian Attendance line just as they would do if the student was to be absent that school day. If the student does not take part in the E-Learning Day, the absence will be accumulated as normal and all make-up work is expected to be completed within the appropriate grace period provided by the school for an absence. Finally, if circumstances are identified that do not allow the family’s household to participate in Marian Central’s E-Learning Day (ie: no internet access at home), families/students must communicate that fact to all of their course instructors early in the semester so that individual arrangements can be made.