From Quarters to Semesters


Marian Central Transitions to a Two Semester Calendar

Beginning the 2019-20 school year, Marian Central Catholic High School will be eliminating quarter exams and will be working on a semester calendar. The Marian Central administration and faculty have determined that this transition will be beneficial for our students because it will allow for longer instructional exposure, leading to a better quality of instruction. By eliminating one examination week per semester, there is an increase in instructional time, allowing each course the autonomy to engage students and assess their progress in a more natural way based on the course’s specific curriculum outcomes.  In addition, almost 75% of colleges use semester calendars which, because Marian Central is a college preparatory school, makes sense that the students begin to have a college-type experience while still in high school.

So, what does this mean for your student’s progress reporting? Although both parents and students have continuous access to student progress daily through the online portal, we are still anticipating providing progress reports midway through each semester. Since there will no longer be two separate quarter grades, student semester grades will now be based on the following calculation: Semester grade 80% and Semester Exam 20%.