Open House & Visit Days

Open House

Marian Central’s Open House provides interested students and families the opportunity to tour the facilities; visit with administration, faculty and students; and learn more about the academic program, clubs, athletics, and spiritual life. Our annual Open House is held in November.

8th Grade Visit Day

The 8th Grade Visit Day allows prospective students the opportunity to meet current students and faculty as well as their future classmates. Visiting students will attend classes, see presentations from current students, and enjoy lunch with other future Hurricanes.

Students who do not attend a Catholic School in McHenry County are asked to contact (815) 338-4220 to register.

Shadow Days

Shadow days are reserved for 7th and 8th grade students or high school students interested in transferring from another school to Marian Central and are designed for students who have yet to decide on their high school choice. The shadow program is not used to visit family and/or friends for the day. The following is the procedure for requesting a shadow day:

  1. Telephone contact by the requesting parent of the 7th or 8th grader/prospective high school student must first be made with the school office at least one week prior to the intended visit. Prospective families are to make shadow day arrangements by calling Marian Central’s Director of Advancement & Admissions, Mrs. Kaitlin Bordeaux at 815-338-4220 x 125.
  2. Marian administration will select the Marian student host/hostess for the shadowing. Visiting students must be in the company of a Marian host/hostess and attend all classes and activities as part of a regular school day.
  3. Visiting students should be attired in accordance with the philosophy of Marian Central’s dress code.
  4. Visiting students are to arrive at the school office by 7:40 AM. You will meet with the office secretary who will introduce you to your host/hostess. Lunch will be provided in the Marian Central Cafeteria.  Students are to be picked up at the school office at 2:30 PM.
  5. Visiting students are welcome on any standard schedule school day.  The Admissions Office will avoid hosting shadow students on days before quarter and semester exams or on the days before scheduled school holidays or vacations.
  6. Marian Central Administration will determine the number of students who will shadow on a particular day; however, normally no more than three shadow students will be scheduled on a particular day.