Superintendent Search Update

We invite you all to take those steps with us…

We have three final candidates for the Superintendent position with whom we will be able to meet and interview. We wanted to give you an overview of what to expect for these meeting sessions, and what responsibilities we will have throughout the process. As of today, we have two of the three candidates scheduled; the third candidate will be scheduled soon – but will follow the same format as the other two.  Please click below to view a bio on each candidate:

Wednesday, 4/19  Joseph Hamann 

Thursday, 4/20  Therese Hernandez    

1:00 pm: Candidate meets with Administrative Team

2:30 pm – Candidate/Faculty & Staff “town-hall” style meeting in cafeteria

4:00 pm – Formal Candidate Interview with Constituent Interview Team in Annex

6:00 pm – Candidate/Community Social in cafeteria

The Candidate/Faculty & Staff meeting will be a great opportunity for our teachers and staff to pose questions to the candidate, and engage in conversation.

The Formal Candidate Interview committee is in the process of being formed, and there will be representatives from multiple areas of the school and community.

The Candidate/Community Social is planned to be an informal social gathering, inviting parents, students, coaches, alumni and other members of the community in to meet and socialize with the candidate. This is an open invitation for our entire school community, so please consider stopping by the school to be a part of this very important event!

The goal of this entire process is to allow as many members of the Marian community be a part of the selection process.

Thank you for all your continued support throughout the year!