Technology Update

New One-To-One Technology Program Comes to Marian

Starting the 2018-19 school year, each student at Marian Central Catholic High School (grades 9th through 12th) will be issued an HP ProBook x360 Notebook PC for daily educational use. This will be replacing the “Bring your own Technology” policy that Marian had in place for the past several years.

This new initiative fulfills Marian’s Technology mission and vision including…

  • To offer students an avenue to practice digital Catholic citizenship
  • To encourage meaningful, individualized exploration of deeper knowledge
  • To inspire cooperative learning while providing opportunities for effective communication
  • To address multiple learning styles
  • To measure student learning and provide timely feedback to better inform instruction
  • To foster skills for an authentic and relevant education that will prepare students for post high school graduation experiences

Watch for more information on the rollout and distribution of the devices. We will soon be having a “Frequently Asked Questions” section for your convenience that will answer many of the questions you may be having about this exciting new initiative!