Marian Central Makes Strides Forward in World Language Department

Marian Central Catholic is excited to announce, through the Illinois State Board of Education, it has established the State Seal of Biliteracy in recognition of juniors or seniors at Marian who have demonstrated a high degree of proficiency in two or more world languages. In addition to the Illinois Seal of Biliteracy, Marian proudly announces the ability for its students to earn the Global Seal of Biliteracy.  The Global Seal of Biliteracy enables those who earn the seal the ability to demonstrate, through testing, their language skills to any school or employer across the country. Both opportunities for the students to earn the Seals represent Marian Central Catholic’s commitment to providing the resources for its students to succeed in life after high school.

“I was excited to launch our Biliteracy Seal program at the beginning of this year,” said Mrs. Debra Cunico, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development. “After quite a few students have tested and achieved both state and global status already this year, I am even more certain that implementing this program for the students of Marian is extremely beneficial! I am looking forward to seeing this program grow and expand to allow for more heritage and second language learners to reap the benefits of their biliteracy as they continue their education and step into their careers.”

As a college-preparatory school, Marian Central takes pride in developing graduates who are prepared to be well-rounded citizens of the world. The addition of the Illinois Seal of Biliteracy and Global Seal of Biliteracy helps Marian achieve this goal. The award is a statement of accomplishment that shows a student’s hard work and preparation to enter society as a global citizen. Besides the initial benefit of being able to add the Seal to the student’s college applications and resumes, the Seal encourages the students to think past their native language, developing empathy and an understanding for others. Lastly, the Seal represents the student taking responsibility and setting themselves up for success in their career in an interconnected world.

With this being the first year both Seals of Biliteracy are being offered, there has been a great response. Seven Marian students have completed their testing. Of those seven, five have already earned their Seals. Marian Central Catholic High School is excited to offer the Seal of Biliteracy an opportunity for its students to continue to push the limitations and breakdown language barriers.