At Marian Central we strive to provide a familial atmosphere and safe environment where teachers focus on teaching and students focus on learning. Outstanding performance on the part of staff and students is the expectation. The foundation for all of our educational efforts includes:

  • Creating a Catholic Christian faith community in which students are encouraged to grow religiously and spiritually as they interact with each other, the church, and the community.
  • Presenting a curriculum that challenges all students, fosters academic excellence, encourages the development of critical thinking skills, promotes physical wellness, and leads to a commitment to life-long learning, within a caring and moral educational environment.

Marian provides coursework which prepares students for further formal education upon graduation from our high school. The curriculum includes advanced placement, honors, regular, and general level courses designed to fit the needs of students of various ability levels. The school provides challenging courses at each level to help students learn to think critically and thereby maximize their growth and development. In addition to classroom instruction, homework designed to reinforce what is taught in the classroom is an important part of the learning experience at Marian Central. The environment is one where teachers, students, and parents interact with one another to achieve a common mission.