Marian Central Fight Song


Hail to the victors valiant,                               In every game we play, we play it fair,
Hail to the conquering heroes,                       And we will fight til every game is won.
Hail, hail to Marian,                                         And when we see our blue and red team there,
The leader and the best.                                  We will always know that

One and two and three.

Hail to the victors valiant,                                And every loyal student in the stands,
Hail to the conquering heroes,                        Will always pledge to cheer our team along.
Hail, hail, to Marian,                                         Come on you Hurricanes, fight to win.
The champions of Midwest.                             Fight to win for Marian Central High.


Praise and honor to your name;
Wisdom and truth and beauty you proclaim.
Hail Marian Central, how we love you!
Proudly we pledge our love and loyalty to you.

Days of our youth are happy with you
Here we have found dear friends so strong and true.
Beneath your mantle of red and blue,
Your sons and daughters pledge allegiance to you.

Lyrics to the Marian Central anthem were written by Sister Amadeus, C.S.C.