Benefits of Catholic Education


Why do children go to school? The obvious answer is to learn, however, is knowledge the only goal of the learning experience? What if a school’s educational approach could produce more than just one outcome? A Marian Central Catholic High School education is truly a one-of-a-kind learning experience because our focus is on more than just academics. We strongly believe that nurturing the entire person in mind, body, and spirit, is necessary for a happy, healthy, and balanced life. Our goal is to provide a rewarding opportunity for students to expand knowledge, explore passions, strengthen self-image, and come to know God all inside our walls. I am proud to share the following benefits of a Marian Central Catholic education.

College-Bound Students – 98% of Marian Central’s graduates attend various prestigious universities across the country. Saving for college can put an undue burden on families, but the fact that the Class of 2021 earned $25.9 million in collegiate scholarships is proof that Marian can be a wise investment. We take pride in the fact that many of our graduates advised us that Marian’s rigorous course load not only prepared them for college, but in many cases, was just as challenging. Marian Central graduates have excelled in college, have increased their employability factor, and continue to make a difference in the world.

Challenging Curriculum/High Expectations – Our grading scale is more ambitious. Academic expectations are exceeded on a daily basis with 80% students achieving Honor Roll. With the student/teacher ratio of 13:1, Marian Central Catholic is personalized, relevant, and conducive to the success of each student.

Self-Discipline – Students are expected to accept responsibility for their actions, respect others, and make good decisions in the context of their faith experience. Our students are not perfect, but they learn very quickly the importance of integrity.

Christ as a model – The goal for Marian Central is to help children mature into Christ-like people. Our students are encouraged to recognize the presence of Christ in themselves and others. The religious formation of our students always begins at home and is supported and continued at Marian. A wonderful example was when a group of seniors gave up their weekly lunch period to pray for a classmate’s mother battling cancer.

Safe, Supportive Environment – Reverence for human dignity in every person is seen through recognizing Christ in self and others. More than “drug-free zones,” Marian Central strives to be “Christ-centered zones.” Keeping your children safe is our number one priority. We partner with the Woodstock Police Department to offer the safest environment imaginable and have received excellent feedback for our proactive approach to safety. We have been commended for not needing a police presence in our hallways.

Involved Parents – Parents are a child’s first teacher. We encourage our parents to take an active role in their children’s education. Our goal is to support families and work with them for the benefit of the children.

Caring Community – At Marian Central, dedicated teachers and staff partner with families to support the development of the whole child – academically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Not only are our students nurtured in their faith, each and every student is known by name.

Not all education systems are made equal. It is important to note that each school has its own principles and philosophies that govern how they teach and develop a child. A Catholic education has been proven in time, surveys, and studies to offer advantages compared to other education systems. Today, making the choice of where to send your children to high school is not easy. I hope that this information can be helpful. Please keep Marian Central Catholic High School in mind when making that important educational decision. I’d be more than happy to answer your questions or set up a personal visit.

Mr. Mike Shukis