Students enter Marian Central with diverse backgrounds. While most students are Catholic, each year many students of other religious faiths enroll as well and are welcome to do so. McHenry County is home to seven Catholic elementary schools located in communities throughout the county. Graduates from these schools typically make up about sixty percent of Marian’s total enrollment. The balance of the student population come to our school from nineteen public junior highs, seven other private elementary schools, home schooling, families who move into the McHenry County area, and families who live in other counties as well as from the state of Wisconsin. Our students are actively involved in the school’s many co-curricular activities, both athletic and non-athletic. We strongly encourage such involvement as it not only helps to develop more rounded citizens, but also is the source of the development of friendships, many which last for a lifetime. Our students wear uniforms during the academic day which results in a community of learning and provides an atmosphere where the focus of the academic day is on teaching and learning.