Clubs and Organizations

Academic Clubs and Organizations

Academic Challenge – Room 215
Students meet to prepare to compete in both individual and team events representing their school in Regional, Sectional, and State competitions. The subjects a student can compete in include biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering graphics, English, mathematics, and physics. The goal of Academic Challenge is to acquaint high school students with the course content and the level of competition that they will experience upon entering a science or engineering curriculum at the college level. Open to all students with any academic strength. Please see Mrs. Cunico for more information. [email protected]

Engineering Club – Room 212
The purpose is to educate students interested in pursuing a career in Engineering about the nature and challenges of the Engineering profession. Activities include Rocketry, Construction of Model Siege machine, building of model bridges, build model cars powered by a mouse trap. Open to all students. Please see Mr. Liggett for more information. [email protected]

French National Honors Society – Room 222
The purpose is to honor and recognize those students of French who have exuded exemplary performance academically in the sophomore, junior and senior years for levels two, three and four. The organization does elect officers and there are requirements for induction into society. Students must be sophomores or older. Please see Mrs. Zimmerman for more information. [email protected]

Future Business Leaders of America – Room 132
The purpose is to prepare students for careers in business- and business-related fields. Open to all students who wish to learn more about the world of business. Please see Mr. White for more information. [email protected]

Math Team – Room 212
Students meet to prepare to compete in both individual and team events representing their school in regional competitions in Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus. Winners at the regional level and top scorers advanced to the state finals. Open to all students who love math. Please see Mr. Liggett for more information. [email protected]

National Honor Society – Room 218
The purpose is to recognize students who have exemplified outstanding academics, leadership, character, and service. Focus on school and community service and leadership development. New members are inducted in September. Chapter officers are elected in April. The moderator is Dr. Pinnau please contact him for additional information if you are interested in applying for membership. [email protected].

Scholastic Bowl Room – Room 217
The purpose is to provide the opportunity for students to compete in the IHSA Scholastic Bowl. Tryouts are open to all students. Approximately 8-10 students will be selected for the varsity team and the junior varsity team. Please contact Mr. Palak and Dr. Pinnau with any questions. [email protected] and [email protected].

Spanish National Honors Society – Room 208
The society recognizes excellence in Spanish studies. Students are eligible for induction when they attain three consecutive semesters of A in Spanish and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Please contact Ms. DeWispelaere if you are interested in applying. [email protected]

Tri-M Music Society – Room 111
This is a Music Honor Society. Applications are open to all students. Activities include flower sale, performing at nursing homes and food collections at concerts. Contact Mr. Ossler if you are interested. [email protected].

Athletic Clubs

E-Sports – Room 127
This club provides opportunities for students to get together and play video games after school. The club is relatively as it just came into existence last year. We are hoping to build upon last year’s success. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Winkelman in the office as he will be able to provide you with more information. [email protected]

Outdoor Club – Main school office
The purpose is to provide a safe environment for students to explore outdoor activities. Students can learn to appreciate the world around them while giving something back to the world they live in. Activities include ski trips from December to February. No set meetings, approximately 3 events per month. Open to all students, please contact the Deans office for more information. [email protected] or [email protected].

Ping Pong – Room 217 and the Theater Commons
The purpose of this club is for students to gather and play games of ping pong. For dates and times please contact Mr. Palak for that information. [email protected].


Gavel – Room 218
The purpose is to provide a forum for debate; to provide opportunities for public speaking on current issues; to conduct mock trials. Open to all students, members are a mix of all grade levels and organizational leaders are elected by the membership in the fall. Please see Dr. Pinnau for additional information. [email protected].

Model United Nations – Room 218
The purpose is to foster awareness of global issues and international diplomacy. Delegates are selected through an application and interview process during October. Approximately 25 delegates are selected, consisting of a mix of all grade levels. Please see Dr. Pinnau for additional information. [email protected].

Fine Arts

Art Club – Room 110
The purpose is to provide opportunities for students to be involved in Art and have fun at the same time. Open to all students, enrollment in art class is not a requirement. Contact Ms. Zuba for further information. [email protected]

Literary Magazine/Writer’s Society – Room 131
The purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to submit literature, artwork, and photography. Provides a way for students with a love of writing to share and encourage each other in a safe and inviting environment. Provides student editors with experience and publishing from start to finish. Open to all students. Please see Mrs. Connell for more information. [email protected]

The purpose of this club is to develop students’ skills in yearbook production by providing experiences in selected aspects of yearbook production. Students learn basic principles of yearbook production and develop skills that include writing copy, captions, and headlines; digital photography; desktop publishing and using appropriate technology tools for media production. For additional information please contact one of the Deans.


Jazz Band – Room 111
The purpose is to provide an opportunity for band members to perform. Students will perform at concerts and membership is obtained through an audition for the Band director. Please contact Mr. Ossler for additional information. [email protected].

Madrigals – Room 111
The purpose is to perform period style music. Open to all students through an audition. Singing at various events and a Solo and Ensemble contest. Please see Mr. Ossler for more information. [email protected].

Pep Band – Room 111
To perform for home varsity-level sporting events throughout the fall and winter seasons. This is mandatory for all band members. Mr. Ossler is the moderator. [email protected]

Pit Orchestra – Room 111
The purpose is to provide music for the musical. Students are selected by the Moderator and will perform at the spring musical. Please contact Mr. Ossler with any questions. [email protected].

Fall Play – Room 218 or 110
Open to all students who have an interest in any aspect of theater; actors, musicians, artists, lights & sound technicians, costumers, make-up artists, and backstage crews. Please contact either Ms. Zuba or Dr. Pinnau for additional information. [email protected]  or  [email protected]

Spring Musical Room – 133
Open to all students who have an interest in any aspect of theater; actors, musicians, artists, lights & sound technicians, costumers, make-up artists, and backstage crews. Please contact Ms. Riedelsperger for more information. [email protected]

Theater Club – Room 129 or Room 208
Theatre opportunities at Marian include four productions. Students can appear onstage, create, and move sets backstage, or operate sound and light equipment. Theater participation is open to students at all grade levels. The first production is a fall play, a full-length comedy or drama. Our spring production is a full-length musical featuring a large cast and multiple sets. Our last theater production each year is our variety show, which allows Marian students to showcase dance, their special talents in music, and other aspects of theater.

Service Organizations

Student Council
An organization combined of representatives from each class that work together to instill a sense of community among the grade levels and act as a governing body. Board members are selected by their peers, open forum meetings will be held once a month for everyone to attend and participate in student council. Activities include planning events such as Homecoming, Prom, winter coat drive, 8th grade visit day, etc. For more information, please see one of the Deans.

Key Club – Room 123
The purpose is to promote human and spiritual values, rather than material values in life. key Club is a service organization dedicated to our school and community, especially the poor, elderly, and children. Some activities include visits to Valley High Nursing home, making blankets for Project Linus, writing letters to support the armed forces. Care 4 Cancer 5K run, Trick or Treat for UNICEF, Loaves and Fishes food distributions. Please contact Mrs. Bolman for information. [email protected]

Marian Mentor Program – Room 125
This is a two-year program beginning with a comprehensive transition, orientation, and mentoring program with the purpose of welcoming new students and their parents to Marian. The connections and skills introduced in freshman year are further developed sophomore year to create strong upper-classman leaders. Mentors are chosen through a rigorous nomination and application process at the end of the school year. All future junior and seniors are considered for this mentor group. Any questions can be directed to our director Mrs. Littner. [email protected].

Mental Health Awareness Club – Guidance
The club will meet on Tuesdays after school.  Please contact Mrs. Hilton with any questions.  [email protected]

Friends of Rachel – Room 213
The purpose is to create a permanent culture of compassion, kindness, and respect throughout our school. Open to all students. Activities include Rachel’s challenge of the week, kindness matters week and prayer chains. Please contact Mrs. Connell with any questions about the club. Meetings for the month of October are on 1st and 3rd  Tuesday, before school at 7:20 am.  [email protected]

Pro-Life Club Room – Room 129
To educate the Marian community on the right to life from conception to natural death in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church. For more information, please contact Fr. Warren. [email protected]

Campus Ministry Team- Room 129
Students serving their peers, though many spiritual activities around campus including class retreats, all school masses, and opportunities for prayer throughout the year. For more information contact Fr. Warren. [email protected].