Hurricane Day

Hurricane Day – November 15, 2022

One Community. One Heartbeat. One Day. 

Marian Central depends on alumni and friends to support our students to further their Marian experience. Donors like you are the heart and soul of Marian Central’s proud tradition. Your generosity is essential in making a Marian Central Catholic education possible for future Hurricanes. To support Hurricane Day, visit and choose from the four areas of need described below.

Air Conditioning
Provide our students with air conditioning on the first floor for a more productive learning environment.

Enhance the student-athlete experience and support improvements to our athletic equipment.

Fine Arts
Support auditorium renovation to help students share their talents with state-of-the-art technology and facilities

Be a part of Marian Central’s history by personalizing an auditorium seat! Donate $200, and a nameplate will be placed on the seat of your choice.
Check out more information here.

Tuition Assistance
Help provide financial assistance to our many qualifying families and continue to make Catholic education available to everyone.

“I am extremely grateful for the tuition assistance we receive from Marian Central. As a single mom, sending two children wouldn’t be possible without the help we receive. I am beyond pleased with the education, personal development, and faith they are receiving at MCCHS. I so appreciate all the help we can get to make that happen! I do believe Marian has changed the course of their lives for the better, and that would not have been possible without the generous tuition assistance we receive! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!”