Hurricane Day

Thank you to those who donated to Hurricane Day!
It’s not too late to donate to Marian Central!  If you did not get a chance to donate on Hurricane Day and you still wish to give, please select the project below that you would like your donation to benefit and click the link to donate. Thank you!

Hurricane Day is a day to celebrate Marian Central Catholic High School!  It’s a day to share Hurricane pride and give back with a gift to one of the three designated projects. With your support, you can help ensure that the tradition of a Marian Central Catholic education remains strong. Thank you for bringing all that Marian has to offer to the next generation of Hurricanes.

Tuition Assistance

We are committed to making a value-based Catholic education affordable for all families. Each gift from our generous donors helps provide financial assistance to our many qualifying families. With your help, Marian is able to welcome every student who seeks a Catholic, college preparatory education by removing the barrier of a financial burden. We turn to our entire community for support in keeping a Marian education accessible to all families who value a Catholic education.

Fine Arts

The Marian Central Fine Arts program fosters the creativity and talents of students in the arts. We are dedicated to providing a state-of-the-art program which includes a safe and modern location for our students to rehearse and perform. Our auditorium is in great need of renovation. We currently do not have enough updated technology and equipment to provide seamless performances. The lighting, sound, flooring, and curtains are in dire need of updates. Supporting the fine arts renovation will help our students share their talents.

Be a part of Marian Central’s history by personalizing an auditorium seat! Donate $200, and a nameplate will be placed on the seat of your choice.
Check out more information here


Through our athletic programs, Marian Central is dedicated to fostering a competitive spirit and forming young men and women into the leaders of tomorrow. Maintenance of our facilities are ongoing in order to keep up with the competitive nature of the student-athletes who compete on them. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, spectators are prohibited at athletic events. The addition of cameras for live streaming would allow our families to watch their student-athlete perform from the comfort of their own home. Please consider making a gift to support athletic facility improvements.


Marian Central is committed to providing the best facilities for optimizing student safety and academic learning. Our school year begins and ends during some of the hottest days of the year. This year the addition of face masks has made it increasingly clear that air conditioning is essential. The lack of air conditioning creates an unproductive learning environment. A gift to facilities will help us install air conditioning and enhance the student experience in our academic setting

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