Curriculum Guide

Curriculum Guide 2021-22

For directions on choosing courses online, please click here:
Online Course Requests 21-22 

Course selections for the 2021-22 school year need to be entered online via Plus Portals by our current students between February 1 – February 19. Parents, it is critical that you play an active role in this process by discussing and reviewing your student’s course selections. It will be helpful to have your students print and fill out the grade-specific Course Selection Worksheet (below) and review/discuss the course choices with them before they choose their courses online. The Guidance Counselors are available for you and your students to assist in this process at anytime.

UPDATE: Due to the fact that we’ll be remotely learning until Tuesday, February 16, students who need recommendations for courses should reach out to the appropriate teacher or department head via email to make the request. In these cases, no official recommendation form will need to be filled out. Teachers and Department Heads will email Guidance if a recommendation has been made.  

Enrollment Priority/Course Capacity
Please note that in the event a course fills up, priority for enrollment will be based on the date on which students’ registration fee was paid. There is no need to rush the course selection process as course enrollment is not based on the date on which online course selections are submitted. For additional information regarding payment of registration fees, click here.

Portal Access
Also, please note that the Course Request section in Plus Portals is only available through the student accounts. Students must login to their student accounts on Plus Portals to complete the course selection process.  Please contact Mrs. DiSilvio if you need assistance accessing your student portal account.

Course Selection Timeline

Week of 1/21-1/28: current Freshmen (rising Sophomores) will be contacted individually by their mentors to review course selection and the online course registration process

1/29: Mrs. Hilton and Mr. Kruse will review the course selection and online course registration process with current Sophomores (rising Juniors) and current Juniors (rising Seniors)

2/1 – 2/19: Online course registration by students in Plus Portals

2/26: Course Recommendation Forms due – for students who were not initially recommended for a course OR for students who did not meet the prerequisites for a course

3/1: Course Selection Verification Forms mailed to parents – if a student wishes to adjust his/her course selections after this mailing, they should bring in that form with the change indicated and signed by his/her parent

3/22: Last day to change courses and to pay Advanced Placement (AP) course fees without a fee


Sophomore Course Selection Worksheets 2021-22
Junior Course Selection Sheets 2021-22
Senior Course Selection Worksheets 2021-22

The Curriculum Guide presents the academic program offered here at Marian Central Catholic High School. Working together, parents, students, and counselors can use this guide to look for required courses, check for prerequisites, and help plan course selections for the school year.