Curriculum Guide

The Curriculum Guide presents the academic program offered here at Marian Central Catholic High School. Working together, parents, students, and counselors can use this guide to look for required courses, check for prerequisites, and help plan course selections for the school year.

Curriculum Guide 2024-25 

Directions for navigating the online course request portal are below.

Online Course Selections Sophomores
Online Course Selections Juniors
Online Course Selections Seniors

Course Registration for the 2024-2025 school year will be available for students online via PlusPortals from Monday, February 5 to Monday, February 23. Students will need to use their own personal PlusPortals login, not the parent’s login. If your child does not know his/her PlusPortals login, they should see Mrs. DiSilvio in the main office to get it.

Parents, it’s very important that you play an active role in this process by discussing and reviewing your student’s course selections. It will be helpful to fill out the grade-specific Course Selection Worksheet before going online to choose courses. The counselors are available for you and your students to assist in this process as needed in-person, via email, phone, or a Zoom conference. Our contact information is as follows:

Mrs. Hilton (current freshmen and juniors): [email protected], 815-338-4220, ext. 121
Mr. Kruse (current sophomores and seniors): [email protected], ext. 122
Mr. Wochner (College Counselor): [email protected], 815-338-4220, ext. 120

Below you will find dates and additional information regarding the online course registration process for our current 9th – 11th graders:

Monday, January 29:  Current juniors will be meeting with Mrs. Hilton in the auditorium during advisory period to review the online course selection process.

Wednesday, January 31:  Current sophomores will be meeting with Mr. Kruse in the auditorium during advisory period to review the online course selection process.

Wednesday, January 31: Current freshmen will be meeting with their mentors during Advisory period to learn how to use the online course selection program in PlusPortals.

Monday, February 5 through Monday, February 23:  Online Course Registration open for students in PlusPortals.

Friday, March 1:  Course Recommendation Forms due for students who were not initially recommended for a course OR for students who do not meet the prerequisites for the course.

Monday, March 4:  Tentative Course Selection Verification Forms mailed to parents.  If a student wishes to adjust his/her course selections after this mailing, they must bring in that form with the change indicated and a parent signature.

Monday, March 22:  Last day to change course selections and to pay Advanced Placement (AP) fees ($100/AP course) without incurring an extra fee ($30).


Course Selection Freshmen 2024-25
Course Selection Sophomores 2024-25
Course Selection Juniors 2024-25