“I am successful because of the numerous opportunities that my parents have provided me with; because of my friends who support me and believe in me; and because God has granted me success in many of the things that I’ve been fortunate enough to do.”

Luke Waggoner ‘12

“Absolutely the best decision my husband and I made was to send our two sons, Nolan and Connor, to Marian Central. The foundation they received at this fine school helped us make them the wonderful young men they are today?” “GO CANES!”

Deirdre Picchietti

“This school is truly a special place. Commitment to future success has been the ever-present rhythm. We will remember the nurturing, faith-filled environment of Marian that allowed us to grow.”

Michael Fitzpatrick ‘12

“Thank you for helping develop and shape our children. You each had a hand in who they are today. They are wonderful individuals and as their parents we couldn’t be prouder.”

Linda and John Wenstrom, parents of Nick ’06, Olivia ’08, and Colton ’11.

“At Marian Central you care about each other and your communities as you learn about volunteerism and giving back. A quest for learning and developing strong values and ethics gives you a faith in God and a belief that you can make a difference.”

2012 Distinguished Alumni Recipient

Charie Burgess Zanck ‘70

“My Marian education is a precious gift I received from my parents. It really shaped who I am today. Without a doubt, I want to give the same gift to my daughters. I know that the positive impact Marian has on them won’t end at graduation, it is something they will carry with them the rest of their lives.

“ Joe Doherty ’80, President of the Marian Central Alumni Association

“Take this Catholic education, this Catholic faith, with you. This faith is your greatest asset through all of your ups and downs in life.”

Amanda Salvi ‘12

“My career as a professional U.S. Air Force Officer and Aviator is rooted deeply in the excellent education and instruction I received in my four years at Marian. I felt important not because I could run a football but because the teachers, coaches and counselors cared about my future. Marian taught me about succeeding in life and not just passing the next test. I would send all of my children to Marian if given the chance!”

2011 Young Alumni Award Winner

2006 Hall of Fame Winner

Jason Liska ‘96

“I truly believe that all I learned while at Marian and the friends I made have led me to where I am. (That’s probably why I wanted my children to attend Marian)”

Leslie Schermerhorn ’77,
Former parent, and was recently named the Regional School Superintendent.

“Marian Central creates an environment that blends both faith and academics. The opportunities here have helped me to become the person I am and the person I aspire to be. Marian doesn’t just provide a quality education, it provides a way of life.”

Emily Olivera ’13

“I want my kids to keep God and faith the priority of their lives. By fostering that through the Marian environment we’re keeping them on the right track.”

Andy Hartlieb ’85,
Parent and Alumni Excellence Recipient

“Much of my personal and professional achievement can be attributed to the excellent Catholic education I received at Marian Central.”

Jim Collins ’80,
President of Loras College